Press & Other Media

(2022) Mention in ‘What fleeing Twitter users will – and won’t – find on Mastodon‘ by Kyle Chayka. The New Yorker (22 November)

(2022) Comment in ‘Who killed the COVID vaccine waiver?’ (10 November) by Ashleigh Furlong, Sarah Anne Aarup and Samuel Horti.
in Politico
in The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

(2021) Comment in ‘Vaccine patent battle intensifies as poor nations struggle in war on coronavirus’ by Donato Paolo Mancini. Financial Times. (16 August)

(2021) TRIPS waiver: there is more to the story than vaccine patents The Conversation
Co-authored with J. Bosse and S. Thambisetty (7 May)

(2021) Interview Hyo Yoon Kang on the financialization of intellectual property & its implication in a pandemic The Geneva Health Files Interview with Priti Patnaik (20 April)

– slightly edited version The ‘Patent Bargain’, Public Good & COVID19 Health Policy Watch (26 April)


(2021) ‘Inventing Law: Patents and Vaccine Equity’ Law According to A King Podcast. September

(2021) ‘On IP Law, Monopolies & Why We Don’t Have a People’s Vaccine for Covid-19‘ in The Arts of Travel Podcast hosted by Matt Dagher-Margosian, 21 March 2021.