I am a Reader in Law at the Kent Law School at the University of Kent.

My research interests are in intellectual property, knowledge techniques, transmissions and practices, construction of values and valuation practices, novelty and creativity, and hermeneutic/post-hermeneutic approaches to the study of law.  I study legal techniques and their social manifestations by drawing on insights from anthropology, literary and social theories, historical epistemology, media studies, and science and technology studies. Examples of my past work are: analysis of epistemic organisation and changing material infrastructure of patent knowledge; digital media of intangible knowledge; a critique of patent value; development of the notion of materiality specifically in the context of legal scholarship. Most recently, I have written about the ways in which climate has been represented in legal adjudicatory setting and in legal scholarship.

I have a cross-disciplinary training and professional background in law, history of sciences, and science and technology studies. Prior to joining Kent Law School, I was an Assistant Professor of Science Studies at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland and a postdoctoral research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, where I researched epistemic relations between scientific and legal classifications in Hans-Joerg Rheinberger’s department III.

I earned my PhD in Law at the European University Institute, Florence, with a thesis which explored the implications of human gene patenting on the legal concept of human personhood.
For my undergraduate degree, I read Government and Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science and also graduated there with a Distinction from the Masters of Laws (LLM) programme.
I was a visiting research fellow at University of California at Berkeley (2002-3) and LSE (2013).

I was Programme Committee Chair for the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities and now serve in its Organizing Committee.

Another forum in which I regularly present and participate in are the Annual Workshops of the International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property.

During my times outside academia, I have been trained in classical music and in financial modeling. Both involve very different sensibilities, but they have proven useful in my research projects.

Most recently I am (co-)organising/have organised:


CfP PASSIM patents as capital workshop

legal materiality concluding conference cfp

Scales workshop 22 June 2018 poster