NB: I am currently on research leave to work on the ERC Patents as Scientific Information project.

I am happy to answer queries about supervision by prospective PhD students whose research interests address questions of intellectual property, anthropological and social theory and science studies & history of science.

I have extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in different countries and disciplines and of varying backgrounds.

Courses at Kent Law School:

Undergraduate modules

LW 556 Intellectual Property Law

Postgraduate modules

LW 813 Contemporary Topics in Intellectual Property

LW933 Intellectual Property and Industrial Practices

LW934 Patent Law and Trade Mark Law

PhD supervision:

Jake Slosser, ‘On the Use of Cognitive Linguistics to Explore Legal Categories: Judicial Interpretation of Digital and Privacy Laws in the EU’. Second supervisor.

Rebecca Gulbul on biobanks

Previous courses, designed and taught, at graduate level in science studies (Wissenschaftsforschung):

Autumn 2013 Donna Haraway: Theory and Engagement.

Autumn 2012 Can computers act? The sciences and the question of agency.

Autumn 2011 Biotechnology and new reproductive technologies: Practices, Concepts and the Law.

Spring 2010 Sciences, Biotechnology and Law

I was also a part time lecturer and teacher for first year LLB Property I (Concepts of Property) course at the London School of Economics and Political Science, London, U.K. between the periods of January РJuly  2013, as well as throughout winter terms of 2004-2006.