Talks & events spring & summer 2023

22 February 2023 — University of Sussex (UK) Development Lectures. Panel on Vaccine apartheid, the TRIPS moment, and non-alignment as a form of commoning. Organised by Dr Nimi Hoffmann.

21 March 2023 — Free University Brussels. Legal philosophy and theory graduate seminar on Legal Materiality, hosted by Prof Laurent DeSutter.

26-28 April 2023 — ERC PASSIM project graduate student workshop ‘Patent Futures’ at Mundaneum, Mons, Belgium.

6 – 9 June 2023 Keynote at Summer School on ‘Probing Innovation: Prospecting, Valuing, and Negotiating Fictions’ of University of Lausanne STS Lab and University of Padova STS Department, P.A.S.T.I.S.

22-23 June 2023 — Association of Law, Culture, and the Humanities Annual Conference, Toronto.

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