Most are accessible on my Academia page, as well as other more recent draft manuscripts.

Update May 2020: I will close my account soon and will start uploading the papers to LawArxiv and link them to the list below. 

Journal Articles

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Book Sections

(2020) ‘Patents as Assets: Intellectual Property Rights as Market Subjects and Objects’ in: Birch, K. and Muniesa, F. eds. Turning Things into Assets: New Lineaments in the Study of Technoscientific Capitalism. MIT Press.
Open access PDF:

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Edited Journal

(2019) Special issue on ‘Legal Materiality’ Law Text Culture Vol. 23 (with S. Kendall) Open access.


(2012) A. Pottage and B. Sherman’s Figures of Invention. Modern Law Review 75: 463-469.

Internet publications

(2018) Climate Rights. in London Review of Books Blog

(2015). Authors and Impresarios: How to Move Across Disciplines. A Conversation with Mario Biagioli. in Somatosphere


(2019) of Fabian Steinhauer ‘Cultural Techniques of LawLaw Text Culture Vol. 23: 79-90. Open access.