Autumn 2022

I am currently in-between positions: after a formative time at Kent Law School, I am starting at Warwick Law School in December. This autumn I will be mainly focusing on my book project on patent value, expecting to devote most of my time to teaching in the first half of 2023.

This month, there will be some great opportunities to exchange with a diverse group of audience and colleagues across different disciplines.

The month kicked off with a keynote at the intellectual property law section of the Society of Legal Scholars conference at King’s College London in which I thought about the state of the our legal subfield and offered some “Observations on intellectual property law scholarship and pedagogy as formal and mediated practices”. Thanks to Tanya Aplin and Marta Iljadica for providing an open and welcoming space for discussion and reflection to us all.

Last week I presented on the role and effects of patent law in the Covid-19 pandemic at the Finance and Society Conference at City University London. The conference and the organisation hosted a very stimulating meeting on critical and interdisciplinary study of finance, and I was fortunate to be part of it. I thank Théo Bourgeron and Nathan Coombs for convening the panel on Pandemic Finance.

Next week, I will be participating in the WTO’s Public Forum and give a talk on TRIPS and the ‘publics’ of patent law in the panel organised by 3rd World Network and People’s Health Movement. My thanks to Sangeeta Shashikant for organising and convening this panel, as well as the generous invitation to speak.

For the next three years, I am excited be member of the advisory board of the Children’s Photography Archive, led by Melissa Nolas and Christos Varvantakis. It is a beautiful and conceptually sophisticated project which foregrounds children’s own photography:


12 October 2022: Commentator, Book Forum: Discussion of Kathy Bowrey, Big Media and Cultural Value: Incorporating the Author & Fiona MacMillan, Intellectual and Cultural Property: Between Market and Community. Birkbeck School of Law, Univ. of London.

23 November 2022: Staff Seminar Birkbeck School of Law, University of London. Presentation: Legal modalities and scales in the making of climate justice.

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