ERC PASSIM Patents as Scientific Information Project kicks off

I am looking out to beautiful snowy landscape and roofs in Norrkoeping  hosted by the formidable Eva Hemmungs Wirten of Linkoeping University, kicking off the ERC PASSIM ‘Patents as Scientific Information’ Advanced Grant Project (website:  – scheduled to go live very soon).

We are here for three days discussing our individual projects, the overall direction and events for the next five years, and all the number of questions and issues that arise in the context of running a large scale project such as this one.

There will be nine projects as part of PASSIM: overall PI’s Eva Hemmungs Wirten’s lead project on ‘Patent Trails: The Law and Order of Information’; my colleague at Kent Law School and copyright afficianado, Jose Bellido‘s project on ‘Copyright in Patents’; Bjoern Hammarfelt‘s (Boras University) ‘Patents and the Invention of Scientific Citations,’ a study of the knowledge relationship between information science and patents; and the Nobel Museum’s Gustav Kallstrom‘s project on Patents and the Nobel Prize.
At our ‘home base’, Linkoeping University Norrkoeping Campus, Johanna Dahlin‘s examination of ‘Soviet patents and Secrecy’ and Martin Fredriksson‘s project on ‘Patents as Global (In)Justice’, Mattis Karlsson, a PhD student at Linkoeping University’s  Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture, as well as the recruitment of a new PhD student, complete our team.

The open welcome, style of consultation and hospitality by our Swedish team members have been striking, it is such a privilege and pleasure to be here.

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