Currently reading and writing…

… for a new piece on a non-patent and non-science (although different media formats remain important) topic which I had been fascinated by five years ago until the uni workload took over and I could not continue. This time I will finish it. The paper proposal was selected for inclusion to be discussed at the ISHTIP in Rome in July, so having a deadline helps. It is going to analyse compositional practices in (classical) music and argue for an understanding of creativity as a homage and malleable, inverted tradition. I came to this topic by being introduced to Richard Beaudoin, a composer, through Alain Pottage back then. Richard composes music as beautiful as it is intellectually intricate and technologically multi-layered and sophisticated.  Meeting over a coffee and talking about copyright and music, I was struck when he said that when he was composing his Microtiming pieces, he was paying homage to past composers (e.g. Debussy) and great performers (Argerich). Inspired by Richard’s rich yet delicate compositions and the baroque inversions and references in Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia, I will explore the notions of homage, indebtedness, tradition and inheritance in relation to property.  It makes me very happy to reconnect to my old me and musical life, which I had not been able to somehow integrate into my academic work. Reading and thinking about scores and words at the same time, and listening: an analytical and emotional homecoming.

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